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Country, Southern Rock, Rock n Roll, all kinds. Our live shows are high energy and thrilling. They play to the crowd. With our music being influenced by such great acts as Lynyrd Shynyrd, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Straight , Willie Nelson, Hank Sr., Hank Jr., Jamie Johnson, Sheryl Crow & Miranda Lambert, Ozzy, ACDC just to name a very few. We have a wide variety of music & original


The, Who, What, When, Where, & How: They group has a combined of 110 years of experience. Clint “Peanut” Lewis was born in Connersville, IN & raised around Laurel & also lived in other States as a teen. He was given his first guitar by has dad at age 13 and started playing guitar after his uncles showed him a few basic cords while sitting on a car hood. Not long after that he had a tragic accident , that cut off the end of his left ring finger. The Doctors told him he would never play again. They were wrong! Clint has gone on. He has played in some bluegrass bands “The Whitewater Ramblers” & “Nobody’s Business". Clint has recorded two of his own CD’s total, the last CD containing 95% originals written by Clint alone. The Band released a single in 2007 titled “The School Song” about the school shootings in America. Clint has also played with other notable musicians on there projects. His musical roots are heard in his playing style of classic country & bluesy ruffs. His down home, partying, take you back, and make you think, writing style, will make you want to relax and think back, or party till the cows come home. You can see how much he feels his music when you watch him at any live show. He has opened for Larry Crane, Played at the Indiana State Fair. Clint is working on material for the Bands 3rd CD to come of in the summer / late fall of 2011. He enjoys playing his Fender Telecaster and 1970’s Electra through his Fender Deville Amp. Steve Adams (Drummer) is from around the Connersville area & has been playing drums for about 35 years. Steve is a really funny guy; his brand of humor will keep you laughing. He has been drumming since he was 5. He took drum lessons for 2 years under the instruction of Denny Dixon. His first performance was at age 10 at “The Dixon Dance Review”. He can blow your mind with his style & speed. Steve strives to keep the bands high energy shows, fun for all. He is always popping off with one liner’s, so watch out! He is the one of the back bone members of the band. He strives to do all he can to give Southbound the sound & energy their fans crave. Steve has been in a few bands before Southbound; which was formed in 2002. He has played everything from tiny bars to large venues. He is ready & willing to go the extra mile to make a huge impact on our audience. His influences have been his Parents first & then his idol Thomas Delmar Pyle. Other influences include Neil Peart from Rush and Tommy Lee. Steve plays a set of Ludwig’s with Zelgin cymbals. Doug Maxie (lead guitar) has been playing since he was 3, He was born in Connersville Indiana, but grew up in Franklin County, as most of the members have. He says he learned to play from his Dad. Doug has played in quite a few other bands as well. His first group was called “Loaded Gunz,” like many other great pickers he started playing in a garage band with a few friends.. Doug's influences are “Eric Clapton”, Albert Lee” “ACDC’s Angus Young” among many, many others. Doug is a very energetic performer; Doug is a very passionate guitar player who loves to crank up the volume at times. Doug says his favorite style of picking is more like “Gary Rosington” of “Lynard Skynard”. Doug also played some lead on the "Clint Lewis" "Friends & Honky-tonk Crowds" CD. You’ll never be bored with watching Doug play his guitar. His favorite is a Fender Telecaster & he loves playing through his Fender Deville amp. Doug can also play a few other stringed instruments. Eddy Miller (Bass) also was influenced by his parents & other family members. Eddy plays from the heart and set the pace with his hard thumping, in your face style of bass playing. When we’re Rockin'. He is very serious about his playing But enjoys it very much. His background for music was influenced by his Bluegrass, Southern Rock & country roots. He started out as a Audio Sound Tech. for other well known bands. He has played & worked with Nashville recording artist “Wes Miller” on several projects. Eddy is a very much commented person to his music & loves to talk about it too. Just ask him. Eddy has paid his dues! He has played everywhere from the greasy spoons all the way to Concert halls! Eddy is the best bass player you can find. His professionalism is easy to hear! But don’t take my word for it, just take a listen to him & you will agree. Tracy Lewis was born and raised in & around southern Indiana. Tracy also is a vocalist in the band and writes too. Tracy is the manager. She puts her heart & soul into trying to make the group successful. Tracy has written a track that will be on the CD coming out in the CD to be released late in 2011. Tracy’s musical background includes singing in, and leading the youth choir group in her church when she was a youngster. She grew up listening to all kinds of music. She enjoys singing up tempo songs. She really does it for the fans. Tracy’s job includes keeping all the guys in line and is affectionately known as “Boss” Her musical style is somewhere between Miranda Lambert and the Sheryl Crow. There is no holding back for her on stage she loves to perform live and just draws energy from the crowd. She also does all the bands bookings & PR work. So that means she (I) have wrote this bio. Somebody had to do it!! Last but not least; Steve Lewis (vocal / guitar) He is our newest member to the band. Steve has a unique style and voice all his own. Steve is our “Power Vocalist.” He brings some rocker flair to the group. He has been playing guitar since he was about 15 years old. Steve is Clint’s youngest brother; their vocal harmonies are top notch! Steve is left handed, but played right handed. Steve has played with other groups as well. He is shy on the outside, until he’s behind the microphone. Some of Steve’s influences are Ozzy Osborne, ACDC, Jackyl, just to name a few. Steve played a Fender Telecaster. Southbound is in process of recording a new demo for 2012 with all new originals and some covers. We love & appreciate each and every one of our fans! For Bookings contact: Tracy Lewis 26149 US 52 Laurel, In 47024 (765) 570-3371 Please visit our websites. www.soundclick.clintlewis

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Tracy Lewis
26149 US Hwy 52
Laurel, IN 4724

(765) 570-3371

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