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Music Genre(s):

Hard Rock
Heavy Metal


We are a band from Northwest Indiana who are looking to play any place that will allow us to set up. Our influences stem from hardcore to punk to hard rock. We have a pretty unique sound by mixing many aspects from different rock genres. Our live show is intense and we have been known to win over crowds.


Beginning in 2001, four freshman students in high school at a small town in northwest Indiana decided to start a band. The band officially began on New Year's Eve to celebrate the entrance of 2001. The first rehearsal was a little rough but as time went on, the music started to happen. 0 for 4 wrote a number of songs and began to make their mark on the local scene. With limited access to money, the band found themselves saving every penny they earned working minimum wage jobs to purchase new equipment. After all that was accomplished, 0 for 4 was finally ready to show the world what they were all about. With a hard work ethic and relentless dedication, 0 for 4 finally laid down a self-recorded demo using a computer and some stage mics. Playing many local venues throughout their high school endeavors, 0 for 4’s popularity began to grow. In 2005, the guys graduated high school and since then things have slowed down. Having the band members scattered through 3 different colleges throughout the state, the band has not been able to perform live nearly as much as they‘d like to. In the beginning 0 for 4 was essentially a pop punk band. They were best known for their catchy lyrical hooks and simple guitar riffs that can be found in songs such as “Boring Town.” As the member’s technical skills began to grow and their music tastes began to evolve, 0 for 4 began to experiment with more complex guitar work. "Milton's Last Day at Initech" (inspired by the movie "Office Space") and “The Flavor of Blame” gives just a taste of what 0 for 4 guitarists are capable of. Their live show also features many instrument changes, providing a very unique trait that very few bands can pull off. Their style has also yet to stop evolving. In most recent news, 0 for 4 has decided to experiment with a more hardcore edge. They’ve tuned down their guitars, incorporated hardcore chops and have began to intertwine screaming into their sound. The new 0 for 4 is sure to turn a few heads. While currently juniors and pursuing degrees in architecture, biology, engineering and information computer technology, 0 for 4 has still not let go of their passion for music. They write songs in their spare time between classes and get together during breaks to rehearse and perform. Knowing how competitive the music industry is, 0 for 4 is still hanging in there waiting for a chance to prove to the world what they are capable of.........

Contact Information

Ryan Legner
107 Fox St.
LaPorte, IN 46350


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