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Music Genre(s):

Hard Rock


Based on rudiments of funk, punk, country, pop, rock-n-roll, and metal, we produce a rock-centric mix that focuses on one thing: the song. Our influences greatly range: Steve - J. Mascis, Henry Rollins, Jimmy Page, Willie McGee, and Darnell Hillman. Shane - Kenny Aronoff, Carter Beauford, Mickey Dee, Mike Portnoy, Chad Smith and Neal Peart. Rich - wide range from Lou Reed to Parliment Funkadelic and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.


40 Inch Vertical is the final product of a band project that began five years ago when guitarist/ vocalist Steve Wilson put an ad in Nuvo Magazine. One month later, Steve was terrorizing his neighbors with his new band mates. The original members of those noise sessions didn't last, but were around long enough to introduce Steve to Rich Trimble. Rich would join up as an aspiring guitarist, but eventually traded his six string for the bass. This persistent duo weathered a revolving door of drummers, singers, egos, and freaks until they crossed paths with Shane Ailey, trenchdigger extrordinare. Environment and a few other factors let Steve and Rich to reformulate 40 Inch Vertical in to a power-trio. Each member has a very different background and approaches music in his own way, yielding an unlikely yet appealing melting pot of styles. A 40 Inch Vertical show includes some frantic bass slappin' funk, some heart-felt rock, and maybe even some wild blues jams. The band's strength lies in its ability to change direction in style, keeping the listener pleasantly off-balance as to what might be played next. A typical set is 95% original, with introspective lyrical content, following a songwriting formula that relies on the simple approach.

Contact Information

Steve Wilson
6108 Estate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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