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Progressive Rock


We are a Progressive Rock Band. Our influencecs are (and we play) Incubus, Tool, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, A Perfect Circle, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Rush, System of A Down, 311, Sublime, Deftones, Alice in Chains and many more


We formed our band in 2002 out of Decatur, IL

Nick Brown - Vocals
Cole Groves - Guitar
Collin Gholson - Guitar
Jared Park - Bass
Gary Robinson - Drums and Percussion

Almost every bands' bio will tell you how driving their sound is, or how melodic the singer and the guitar player are, and how you will be assaulted by powerful bass riffs and primal screams of rage and so on and so on. But how many of them can truly describe there music to an audience? How many of them realize that it is still an art and not a "rockstar-wannabe-formula-we-are-the-new-insert-your-favorite-band-here" band? How many of them realize that music affects more than just the sense of hearing? How many of those bands can tell what their music looks like? Or what about the feeling of the music? As average as your brother, and as regular (or not so regular) as your buddy, so are the members of our band. First of all, we do what we do because we enjoy it. Second of all, we do it for the art. We try to focus any energy, talent, structure, or lack thereof, and intellect into our songs. We then get to hear not only how our music sounds, but also how are our music looks and feels, and we do this through you, the audience. The visuals and textures of our music can be as calm as a lake, flat as glass, not a ripple. When seeing a crowd stare in wide-eyed wonder, no moving mouths, just gazes of approval, you can really see your reflection. At other times it is like standing at the epicenter of an earthquake, right after the tornadoes hit. Such intense energy can only be described in such a form. When the members of the band are hoisted in the air over a pit of out of control fans, people are tearing down tents, climbing speakers, and singing along while performing that anticipated original, as a band member you see, hear, and feel nothing but satisfaction, like you have completed any great work of art from the renaissance. We as artists and entertainers feel accomplished, we have connected with the crowd, and made them forget their day and forget their troubles. Forget the assault of music and melodies; we paint you into the picture, and cover it in a thick, foggy, proggy-assed shade of green. Relax, breathe, and embrace the AMBIENT GREEN visions that are before you.

Contact Information

Gary Robinson
P.O. Box 175
Warrensburg, Il 62573

(217) 972-5502

Additional Information

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