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Banda Beats Indianapolis is the name of the group that has been created to educate people on the old traditions and spirituality of the African, Afro-Haitian and Middle Eastern cultures and beliefs. We are doing so through the means of music and dance. These are very old, deep, complex yet beautiful traditions that are very misunderstood in the Western World. Hopefully through our performances, we can clear the air about these cultures. We bring Belly and Haitian dance to the stage accompanied by both traditional drumming and modern fusion dance music. We are available for parties, gala's, conventions, weddings, events or whatever your rhythmic needs are. I am a solo musician that performs either with or without the dancers of the group, depending on your choice of entertainment. We are a drum/dance group who perform an array of performances reflecting the Haitian and Middle Eastern cultures through live music, dance and culture.


We are a new group from around Indianapolis. You can see our bio information on our website. Address is;

Contact Information

Ryan Anderson
9325 Stonebridge Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46240

(317) 848-9618

Additional Information

Here is a breakdown of the performances; 1) Solo concert-includes myself, and the authentic African percussion instruments for a variety of rhythms and genres played live on the drums while the bass drum keeps the rhythm and bass line going. Rhythms include Salsa, Reggae, Latin, Top 40, Groove and Haitian. This is a one man rhythm section, you'll love it!!! You can even join in, grab an instrument and make the beat your own!!! 2) Dance performances-belly dancing to the traditional Middle-Eastern rhythms as well as spicing it up to a new more modern groove. 3) Actual Haitian Vodou ceremony and dance-see the beautiful tradition of the Vodou in its authenticity. Performance includes ceremonial saluting of the spirits by an actual Mambo (High Priestess) along with the drumming, song and dance of this vibrant yet very complex religion. is a one-stop shop for live, local music and entertainment in the Indianapolis area - Your source for live music in Indy - featuring listings and bios of local bands, clubs, and venues. Our database allows you to search for bands or clubs by name, keyword, or genre. You can also search band and club schedules, links to music resources, and our MP3 music library.

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