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Some incredible bluegrass music! The Harmony that David, Joe, and Deborah create when they're singing Gospel bluegrass will make you cry and the tunes John fires up on his fiddle will have you at the edge of your seat!!! And who could possibly listen to this group without the incredible picking of Darrell and Dan?!?! Once you hear this group, you'll crave bluegrass like you've never before!!!


As of February 26th, David Baker, Darrell Duety, Joe Flowers, John Watson, and Deborah Flowers have parted ways from Joe Davidson to form their own band called Cornfields and Crossroads. You will still see these guys playing all over the state of Indiana and soon in surrounding states as well. The members of Cornfields & Crossroads will continue to provide you with the outstanding traditional and contemporary bluegrass you came to love when they were members of The Indiana Boys. We would love to have and appreciate your continued support. >>>>>MISSIONS STATEMENT!!!! Cornfields and Crossroads is an Indianapolis based band that strives to lighten the hearts of music lovers through Traditional, Contemporary, and Gospel bluegrass. The members of Cornfields and Crossroads assure that any venue played, be it large or small, shall be done in a professional manner including the following: * All members shall arrive promptly when scheduled for a show. * All members shall display professional conduct including refraining from swearing, drinking, or any other behavior that may compromise, not only C&Cís integrity, but also that of the event holder. * All shows, no matter what the age range of the listeners shall be performed as to ensure good, wholesome family entertainment; No songs shall be played that includes inappropriate language.<<<<< Deb Flowers, Joe Flowers, David Baker, John Watson, and Darrell Duety

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Deborah Flowers
Brownsburg, IN 46112

(317) 852-6278

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Please visit our web site today for a link to our myspace. On our site we have most of our shows recorded for you to select which one your going to attend, and on myspace you can hear 4 of our selections from our short set. As of July 23rd we will be back in the studio so look forward to seeing our new release soon. is a one-stop shop for live, local music and entertainment in the Indianapolis area - Your source for live music in Indy - featuring listings and bios of local bands, clubs, and venues. Our database allows you to search for bands or clubs by name, keyword, or genre. You can also search band and club schedules, links to music resources, and our MP3 music library.

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