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We are a party, cover band with a mean streak!! We love the in your face alternative stuff like 7 Mary 3, STP, Live, Fuel but we will turn on a dime and get you dancing with the likes of the Violent Femmes, Cameo, Commodores, Romantics then we'll just go postal and start with the Rick Springfield, Tommy Tutone and Billy Idol. We love to thrash but we like to be versatile and fun and there is nothing like a full dance Floor!


Dale has been in the business for 3 short years now, but handles the crowd and the stage like a wiley veteran. Though he does'nt fit the mold of your average rock & roller this burley front man is 100% energy on stage. There is no holding back with this guy. Dogbite Mike was his first band and he has been molding it the whole time and just now has gotten the musicians that can take this to the next level. He has a camellion like voice to cover a wide range of different types of music. Mega powerful for the Alternative and lots of finess for the dance stuff. He has just recently started singing in one of Henry Lee Summer's bands called CandyBomber where he sings hits from the 80's. He very much would like to start on an original project with Dogbite Mike. Albert is a hard hitting drummer that has been around music all of his life. He comes from a tight knit family who all are involved in music in some way. Albert, better known as doobie, for reasons other than you would think came from the band Naked Twister (now Splurge) before hooking up with Dale to join Dogbite Mike. Together they built what has made them a staple in the Joes 1,2 and 3 circuit where they have quite a following. Albert also enjoys the success of another band called the Chango's where he plays guitar and shows off his singing abilities. The man can do it all. One of the few drummers that is fun to watch! In March of this year Dale and Albert hooked up with 3 new and very capable musicians all with very storied backgrounds. Alot of which I don't know since I am a fan and don't know them that well yet. But I do know a little. Chris Skinner has spent much of his early years on the road, but the past several years were spent with The Speed City Rockers that wish like hell they still had him!! He has been an awesome addition, not only is he a solid rhythm guitarist they have yet to showcase his awesome vocal ability. Kurt Broderick comes from the Berkley School of music which is quite evident when you see the way he plays bass. He has a line of accomplishments so long I dont have the time nor the stamina to begin. I can tell you he has played for the likes of Jennie DeVoe and Black Voodoo amongst others before joining Dogbite Mike. Richie Wilkison was the main man behind Simon Barr Sinister and has a strong background in the heavey metal arts. This is something he can't hide, nor does he need to as he artfully works in some of his signature licks into the cover leads. He adapts well. He has recently toured with a heavy metal band from Germany called Angel dust, where he filled in for their lead guitarist who couldnt make the U.S. tour. Richie brings alot of power and experience with him, where ever he may roam. Though he may be a head banger you will see his soul side seep out while playing some of the dance stuff..Together these guys could do some real damage.

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