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We're a guitar power band, powerful vocals, moving bass, intricate drums; we are the product of childhoods immersed in all music: a guerrila war on apathy, futility, and anger that you can dance to.


Though still a very young band, the members of a Day in the Life are passionate and professional. Their music is rooted in classic rock, but they bring the voice of the 21st century to bear on the world we all face. Davison “Dace” Robie (Bass, Vocals, Keys) discovered an affinity and passion for music his first year in Junior High School, and has never looked back. He plays any number of instruments, and all sorts of music,and is studying Bass Performance and Jazz at Butler University. He joined the AFM at 16 when he landed his first professional jazz gig. And all the various influences are reflected in the music he writes. Of course, as a modern American teenager, what he REALLY wanted to do was ROCK! He taught himself to play on a borrowed bass guitar in the 7th grade, and later that year talked three friends into playing and recording his first song, an effort which confirmed his determination to never have to have a “real job”. One of those friends, David King (Drums), has been with him ever since. His unique style, musical understanding, and twisted humor meshed perfectly with Dace from the start, and they have grown together over the years, the rhythm section and nucleus of what would eventually become "a Day in the Life". They played with a number of other musicians on and off, trying to create the sound that they were after, but were frustrated in their efforts untill the day Dace caught his brother messing around with his guitar. The brothers suffer under the curse of also being best friends, so instead of getting angry, Dace picked up his bass and they started to play. By the end of the day it was apparent that even with no real training Garen Robie (guitar, lead vocals) had an instinctive and uncanny understanding of his brothers music, and he found himself committed to the dream. Together they began writing, song after song, and soon established a reputation for musical maturity and professional approach, and were playing with much older bands. Over the course of 5 years they’ve adapted and grown and found together a distinctive sound, an impassioned “voice”, and a reason to rock.

Contact Information

David Robie
430 Ashford Court
Indianapolis, IN 46214

(317) 271.9795

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