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We play original alternative rock our influences are numerous: Incubus Tool Deftones 311 Mozart Rage Against the Machine Sevendust Beehtoven Evanescence Flyleaf Pearl Jam Taproot System of a Down Tchaikovsky Creed Pink Floyd Breaking Benjamin Led Zeppelin Sound Garden Radiohead Live Collective Soul Queen Red Hot Chili Peppers ........... TOO MANY TO NAME!!


Obviously Kevin and Kris are brothers, but it goes beyond that. The band members have quite a history together. Ben and Kris were in their first band with each other called "Sold America". The band was formed by Bill Perkins and Keith Morris back in 1998. Ben, Kris and Keith then formed a band with Kevin on bass guitar and Jacob Kelly singing called "Id". Somewhere along the line we got the idea that Kevin would sing, and we formed the band we called "Gate" with Danny playing bass replaced shortly after by Matt McKnight, and then Derek Hackleman. (dang bass players!) That band ended in tragedy when our home and practice room burnt down, along with most of our newly purchased gear. So, YEARS later here we are again. Ready to make music once again under the new name "Hydrostatic". The name was actually started as a joke when Kevin was shouting at 2AM from his new lawn mower "It's Hydrostatic!" (had to be there) But really the name is quite fitting, as our music blends melodic, fluid-like sounds with a more aggressive rock edge. Well that was fun, wasn't it! Feel free to post on our Wall, and keep your eyes peeled for Hydrostatic sightings in your area.

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kevin haughey
4392 gibss rd
Danville, IN 4612

(317) 847 658

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