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Hip Hop
New Age


Kwolite is mostly Hip Hop with some R&B, and lots of other influences. Each member is very talented, and has solo music to go with their group albums. Their solo music covers a broad spectrum, from jazz, classical, & blues, to techno, rock, & DnB.


"KWOLITE. You know, it's that new fresh and clean laundry soap made by....wait a second. That isn't pronounced "KW-AWE-LIGHT", it's pronouced "KW-AWE-LIT-E", I think. You know, if you look up the word "Quality" in the dictionary, those little wierd characters spell it like that. Well, that's at least one reason to why we decided to spell it that way. Please don't think that we were trying to be "trendy" or "cool" by spelling it this way. I mean, for some reason society thinks that it's cool to spell words wrong. Since when did it become acceptable and "in" to be ignorant, willingly? Just a thought, you know. If we wanted to be hottttt right now, all we'd have to do is name our group "The 5 Crunkateers" and we'd be famous with hoes and stuff. You know, like those rappers on T.V." "We're not about selling out, and we're not about being fake. We're out to motivate, identify, and expose the weak-mindedness of hip-hop today. Don't get us wrong, we can take you to the club with it, but we ain't taking y'all to the candy shop to buy some laffy taffy. Hip-hop is hip-hop, and there's nothing wrong with the art-form by ANY means. We just don't believe that the artform should be taken to anything less than art that it is. It's time for a change."

Contact Information

Rian B
Anderson, IN 46011


Additional Information

Just a bunch of cool cats tryin to spread their music. Mixtape coming out soon, and a new album shortly there after. Touring early next year. is a one-stop shop for live, local music and entertainment in the Indianapolis area - Your source for live music in Indy - featuring listings and bios of local bands, clubs, and venues. Our database allows you to search for bands or clubs by name, keyword, or genre. You can also search band and club schedules, links to music resources, and our MP3 music library.

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