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Hard Rock


Meme is described as rocktronica. We are a two-piece band. Darren Stroud plays guitar. Yuni sings and plays a variety of instruments. The music is all original. We have recorded all the rhythm tracks and we perform live to the rhythm tracks. We have about two and a half hours worth of music and that list is growing. Rocktronica is rock-based, guitar-driven music with an electronica edge to it. It's not a band with a live drummer and bassist, so we come off like a techno kind of group performing to our rhythm tracks. However, we don't just play grooves all night. We play songs that move more traditionally like a rock band. I didn't know what else to call it. That is the basis of memes. We created this description and it came out of our own brains, but I guarantee you that other people all over are now calling their thing "rocktronica" or "poptronica" or whatever. You really don't know who came up with it first. Somehow it just spreads.


Meme has had quite a bit of success since its inception in late 2000. We have been slowly fine-tuning and "tweaking" the project. It's received honorable mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, semi-finalist in Independent Music Series Contest, semi-finalist in Mars Music Big Deal Contest, Top Ten Releases in 2000 by Steve Hammer NUVO, runner-up in ModMusic Contest in NY and will now be added to a compilation with National distribution. My songs have also been licensed to the Korean music market. By the way, Meme will soon be featured at in May. Huge-mega exposure. Steve Madden is a well-known shoe designer whose efforts include shoes for the recent movie "Josie & the Pussycats". He does quite a bit with music and musicians (like Tori Amos). I sent him music and they want to feature Meme. We are really excited. Gotta CD called "Disoriental". It's Yuni's solo CD, but all the music is what Meme plays now. Check out for on-line orders.

Contact Information

5045 E. 12th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201-1861


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