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Classic Rock


Off The Hook specializes in covering songs by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and many of the other timeless Classic legends of rock. One of the greatest things about Off The Hook is their sound. Every Song is unique, unlike most stale bar bands who start the show with one sound and most likely will sound the same- beginning, middle, and end. No, that is not the case with this band. Their sound is full, with many twist and turns that take the audience on a roller coaster ride of pure sonic enlightenment. Most club owners find their sound to be a breath of fresh air into their establishments. The sound starts with Aaron Keenan the Keyman who performs on a Roland XP 80 synthesizer. He spends most of his time creating sounds that complement their already huge sound. Then Brad Wheeler with his guitar rig, which looks like a carnival of lights, adds to this sound, some of the wildest sounds you could imagine. Then, this is all teamed up with Jeff Sourbeer providing that clas! sic sound with the tried and true Les Paul and Marshall stack. Vincent Keenan provides an intelligent, and always creative rhythm to hold it all together. You would just have to hear it to believe it. Off The Hook is employing the new tools of the trade to bring to their audience a fresh new sound that just can't be got from just any other band. They are also currently in the process of creating their own original tunes. Their Original "Don't Give Up" has been a favorite for many with it's life-changing and faith-inspiring lyrics. Also the band has another song that tributes the late George Harrison entitled, "Goodbye George". At times, Aaron Keenan has been known to amuse the audience with funny songs he has put together such as "Don't Kill The Squirrel", a parody of Tim McGraw's "Don't Take The Girl". Other highlights one could expect to see in a performance by Off The Hook is, Brad Wheeler's electrifying solos in their cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb". Vince! nt Keenan also has the ability to bring down the house with his highly creative and one-of-a-kind drum solos. Other bands that have influenced Off The Hook are, Rush and Dream Theater. Off The Hook can really appreciate these bands for their progressive, and technologically advanced sound. They have tried to focus their music closer to that type of sound. They have taken their sound to new levels, boldly going where no other band has gone before. They are not your typical bar band. The fans that travel with them are really great. They believe that the number of followers will continue to grow as more and more people SEE what They see, and HEAR what THEY hear. Off The Hook strives to dazzle the senses of everyone who comes to hear them play. So far they have accomplished most everything they have set out to do. With the help of their friends along the way, they will continue to reach new heights.


Off The Hook just recently saw their one year together marker during the month of March 2002. The members of Off The Hook have played in and out of many different bands around the Richmond area for many years. They have grown to realize now that there can be no turning back, that this is the unit that plans to stick together till the wheels fall off. It gets like that when you live in a smaller area like the Connersville/Richmond area where they are from. You see that you have to find the people who are going to stick it out and be willing to press forward, or you can be stuck and keep recycling yourself with the ones who don't strive to get any further. There is a lot of talent in the Connersville/Richmond area. Everyone needs to stick together, hold hands, and go in for the long haul, to make a name for themselves. Otherwise, they will remain an unnoticed dust speck on the map.

Contact Information

Jeff Sourbeer
1041 S. Germantown Rd.
Pershing, IN 47370

765) 478-3528

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