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Electronic - Industrial


Seven Mile Radius consists of Von Stultz (vox, keys, beats) and Jason Milner ( backing vox, keys). This is an artistic collaboration that really had it's first round in 1993 with an industrial project called Nimbus. At that time, full size computers and tape recorded samples littered the stages of all of our fledgling industrialites and Nimbus was no exception. After a couple of years both went their separate ways, but never stopped creating and keeping up to date with what the other was doing. Jason continued marching on with "Nimbus" and Von DJ'd in Seattle and Chicago, and started his own project called "vexp". Simply put, they waited and in the mean time, technology caught up with what they had in their heads, and so lucky for us that it finally did. On their upcoming release simply titled "Ghost " we get an introduction to the feel of the entire CD with an instrumental that rivals any horror movie in recent memory. Once the mood has been set, they bust right into their title track "Ghost" and from there you’re hooked. The entire CD takes us through a facet of different emotions all of which are connected by one common denominator ....creepy. Overall the music is an eclectic blend of old school industrial with new technology. Vons lyrics are straight to the point and perfectly blended, while the beats are off-setting yet on time which only adds to the overall interest. Listening to them is all well and good but if you truly want the full on experience you have to see them live. The sound is amazing and Von is so animated that it enhances each song 10 fold. There is one live cut on youtube which gives a little taste of the live show. Hopefully this band will be able to book on larger stages to open up room for their entire stage show which includes some off-setting visual theatrics which are sure to keep you wondering what will happen next. Currently the two are wrapping up this highly anticipated release which surprisingly has only taken 2 months of work so far and are in the beginning works of a comic book release about what else, but a psych ward patient who suddenly turns his self destructive tenancies on the world with a little help from his imaginary demonic nurse. One thing that is so endearing about this band is their ability to work outside of the box and leave all options open, not only musically but project wise. This is definitely a band that is ushering in a new generation of industrial music and is one to watch out for. You can check out this music on myspace, and I highly suggest that you give it a try. Get ready to be converted.

Contact Information

Von Stultz
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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