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Short of a Dollar is a indie/emo/punk mix with influences like MxPx, New Found Glory, Thursday, Finch, Greenday, Something Corporate, and NOFX.


Indie/Emo/Punk band from Anderson, Indiana. Youthful, imaginative, energetic, and honest are but a few adjectives that could be used to describe this punk-inspired emo band from Anderson, Indiana. Their powerful lyrics and catchy melodies, along with harmonizingly beautiful guitar riffs and reltentlessly difficult drumming techniques are used to take over whatever ears strap them on. Short of a Dollar formed in 1999 as a trio consisting of guitarist Dan Eddy, bassist Patrick Caldwell, and drummer Warren Grove. Shortly after this formation, lead singer Bobby Mathison was picked up. In the summer of 2000, the band began to work seriously on writing songs and practicing. It was then that the band realized that drummer Warren Grove's heart was simply not in the music. Warren left the band on good terms with all of the remaining members. Labor Day weekend of 2000 was when drummer Chris Nealis joined the band. And on October 13th, 2000, Short of a Dollar played their very first show at Wesley Free Methodist church, in front of a fairly small audience. A week later, they stepped into the studio to record their first EP, entitled "No Real Excuse." It was completed in a mere day. Needless to say, the quality of the EP was less than outstanding. Short of a Dollar played heaps of shows, including "Stage Fright" at Verizon Wireless, until November 2001, when they stepped into the studio once again, with producer Eric Klee Johnson, to begin recording their first album. In December 2001, bassist Patrick "FAt PAt" Caldwell left the band to pursue other things, and in early January of 2002, Tristan Smith took his place. In May 2002, the CD was completely finished, and released, entitled "Don't Look Back." In June of 2002 Short of a Dollar began promoting there new album and in July they played at "Warped Tour" On the Ernie Ball stage. It was a very hot day, but was also a very cool day for Short of a Dollar as they made new friends with some members of their favorite bands(A big thanks to Alex from Finch for all of the advice and coolness he provided). In early August of 2002 Bobby Mathison left Short of a Dollar to pursue a career in independent film making. In late August Josh Vasquez(vocals) and Eric Farrell(lead Guitar) joined the Short of a Dollar line up. The band has been working long hours writting new material and has been touring the local venues. The guys are also starting to develope their own new style which they think many will enjoy.Short of a Dollar Is currently working on their new album which should be out by late winter/early spring. The new album will be an all new more powerfull indie/emo/punk(if you can imagine) based Short of a Dollar.

Contact Information

Dan Eddy
Anderson, IN 46011


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