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Signal 48 is a fresh approach to modern rock, featuring a unique collection of aggressive drum work, melodic bass lines and intricate guitar riffs. The instrumental section lays an explosive foundation for an authentic and resonant voice. The message of the album cannot be mistaken “Life on the rocks, shaken not stirred”. Many say that Signal 48 sounds like: Stone Temple Pilots / 3 Doors Down / Soungarden / Live / Bush / Staind


Signal 48 is an original modern rock band from southern Indiana whose formation began when counterparts Dave Cleek (vocal/guitar) and Joe Kellum (bassist) crossed paths with lead guitarist Nick Smith. Dave and Joe had been lifelong friends whose interests in music grew from campfires to composition. Spawned from life experiences, the duo began creating numerous emotionally charged songs. Meanwhile, Nick had been studying music theory and composing instrumental guitar pieces after a close friend inspired him to do something he could be passionate about in life. Like many before him, Nick chose the guitar as his tool. By a chance encounter, Nick ran into previous coworker Dave Cleek, and spurred a conversation about music. That conversation led to a fury of meetings where Dave shared what he and Joe had created and Nick added a dose of high octane guitar. By now, Joe was on board and the three quickly realized that they had something worth pursuing. Lyrics, bass lines and guitar riffs were pouring out as if a dam had sprung a leak, and with no drummer, the three found themselves waist deep, approaching a current sure to drag them down. Luckily, a lifeline was tossed from shore when a childhood friend strongly urged Nick to contact drummer Tim Carver. Tim met with Nick and previewed what they had created. With Tim in the mix, the stage was set for a creative explosion. In early 2008 Signal 48 was formed and began developing their sound. After completing nearly thirty (30) scratch tracks, eleven (11) were chosen. In April of 2009 Signal 48 completed their self titled debut album. The album was released on May 19th, 2009.

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Nick Smith
Corydon, In 47112

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