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THE CIRCLE VIEW: AS PER THE POINT OF VIEW OF A PERSON WHO HAS COME FULL CIRCLE. For us THE CIRCLE VIEW is one way of life.... a point of view. We are 4 people who play music together. We exist as a band and help each other develop and we continue to evolve as good friends. The core of the music is the relationship between us. We are homies and we honor each other by listening and allowing each other to grow. We push each other to be better and to carry each other when we feel weak. Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view. THE CIRCLE VIEW represents the ideology of wisdom. A mental warrior that has led us all to a more fulfilling, enlightened way of being.... transcending bipartisan notions.... representing people and unity. The seemingly eternal fight to save us all. This point of view has evolved into our message and it has come to fuel the band. THE CIRCLE VIEW represents what we are all capable of being, but by setting the bar far above our heads it forces us to strive to make our good better and our better.... blessed. And so here we all are... all granted the same capacity for honesty, love, and greatness... we all have the same origins and we all die... but most important; this is our one and only planet... as shitty as we've made it thus far for ourselves, we are still stuck on this boat together. THE CIRCLE VIEW exists to give retrospect in that humans MUST learn to coexist. Imagine being utterly alone. The point of view that WE stand as our own greatest natural resource. Ego has no safe haven within an open heart and mind. The enormity of our imagination is of no threat to our existence. The greater we are as unique individuals, the more powerful we become as a whole. Welcome. You are one of the homies now. We thank you for your adoration and support in advance and we plan to continue our goal in making music that moves you mentally and physically. Listen and understand. WE NEED to fellowship with you so when you come to our gigs... come ready to participate... sing, shout, throw your hands in the air and wave em like you just don't care so we can feel you and thus you will feel us. Ya feel me?

Contact Information

Lance Ayers
10816 Monitor
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415


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