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The Shivers are a vibrant and eclectic mishmash of 60's British Beat, 70's Glam, 80's New Romanticism and 90's Indie-Pop, with unique modern twists. The band formed in July of 2001 when friends guitarist/ singer Royston Lloyd and bass player Dave Lawlis, interested in forming a band, were contacted by fellow Brit-enthusiast and guitarist Shawn Delaney. Drummer Michael Daubs completed the group soon after, and the band began writing and rehearsing their original material. In November of 2001, The Shivers recorded their first demo CD and began the neverending search for kindred spirits and show venues.


Royston Lloyd grew up in the suburbs of Manchester, England. At the age of 6 Roy became obsessed with The Beatles and other British Beat bands from the early-mid 60's. He decided to take up electric guitar like his idol John Lennon. Throughout the eighties and early nineties, Roy dabbled in heavy metal and grunge, and for some time was in a band that later on found success as Marion (after his departure). In 1992 Roy (always a late-bloomer) discovered music not unlike the British Beat music that had inspired him initially was being created by bands such as The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and The Smiths. At this time Roy formed the band Juniper. Work commitments brought Roy to the USA in 1997, and to Indianapolis in fall 2000. In spring 2001 Roy half-heartedly put a few ads out for musicians and was surprised to find that there were others like him in Indianapolis with the same desire to create original eclectic indie-pop with a British flavour. Some of the bands that inspire him are: Catherine Wheel, The Small Faces Doves, Primal Scream, Super Furry Animals, Suede, Gene, The Cult, MBV, T-Rex, and The Who. Dave Lawlis started playing guitar sometime back in the eighties. Later in the eighties, he began playing bass. Then in the early nineties, he switched back to guitar. Shortly after that he switched back to bass, and then he switched back to guitar. Not too long afterwards, he switched back to bass. At one point during this period, he played guitar. Toward the end of the nineties, he decided to switch back to bass. To this very day, he plays bass and occasionally the guitar. Shawn Delaney, from parts unknown, has been playing guitar and bass in bands since the early nineties. With stopoffs in such seminal acts as The Icicle Thieves, Simple Rhythm Method, Mesh, Mirage, and most recently Airiel, Shawn brings an 80's new wave and 90's noisepop sensibility. Influences such as Ride, The Cure, Adorable, MBV, Gene, and Idlewild drive him musically. Known more for his airy vocals and effects-laden guitar than his boyish good looks, Delaney brings layers of melodic complexity to the group. He thinks David Hasselhoff's "Hot Shot City" is particularly good. Michael Daubs, originally of Newburgh, IN, is enjoying his first live band experience. He began his musical pursuits at the age of 10, when he began trombone lessons and endured a surprisingly large number of "playing with your bone" jokes. In his high school and early university years, Daubs studied music theory and learned other instruments, including percussion. After awhile, he abandoned his musical hopes and instead focused on developing a biting sarcasm. It was at university that Daubs met future band member Shawn Delaney during a bizarre pub ritual that involved a lot of beer and face licking. In July of 2001, Daubs moved to Indianapolis and was informed by Delaney of the vacant drummer position in The Shivers. A brief audition and several bribes followed. Since joining the band, Daubs has contributed lyrics for some songs including "The Natives are Restless" (with Royston Lloyd), which appears on their first demo album.

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Shawn Delaney
5703 E. University Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46219


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