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Hard Rock
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We play heavy progressive music with a focus on musical and lyrical originality. We have some covers that we throw in for good measure, usually by Devo, Ceasres, Beatles, Pink Floyd and others.


The original and founding member of The War Muffins, Patrick "The Ghost" King, is a guitar shredding machine returned from the nether-realm to melt faces with his semi-hollow body axe. After spending years living in his fortress of of solitude, The Ghost has finally come forth to remind the world of one thing...How to Rock! (The Ghost accepts no responsibility for orgasms his guitar playing may induce on female fans.)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Michael "Rata tat that ass" Carter, is a psychedelic cyborg from the planet Rhythmonia. On his home planet all communication was created through rhythms played masterfully on personal tone transmitters, similar in shape and size to an Earth snare drum. Though the technology of Rhythmonia far excedes that of the Earth's there was still no way for the Rhythmonian satellites to communicate with earth over the vast expanse of space. Thus, Carter, the most powerful and talented of all the cyborgs was sent millions of light years away from his home planet to visit Earth and communicate his message of dominance over the human species. Upon his arrival on Earth chance would have it that Pat King was the creature who took in Carter, and so The War Muffins began to form. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matthew "Blood n' Thunder" Flohr, the Ass Lord of the Underwear, indeed comes from far far away, the place which most spend their entire lives trying to avoid... there is no rest for a creature of this magnitude and strength, nor is there peace... He finds no justification in rockers not being rocked, chicks remaining virgins, or pizzas not being delivered... It is with his brain melting riffs and bad 'b'ass pick up lines that he will bring the world back to sanity and purity... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert "Sexual Gandalf" Wade is the newest member of the Muffins, a homeless mutant found playing in trisexual bars on the dreamy shores of Cydonia. Since being teleported to the Flohr Palace of Whores and having his memory erased, he has been infused with 12,000lbs of RAWK, goat blood AND pure sin. With his ten-fingered hands and four sets of vocal chords, he could very well be the deadliest Muffin of them all...It is with this collective attitude of FUCKIT that they forge ahead with their genocidal project The War Muffins, as they rock endlessly to one day live in a world without faces, faces that have been in fact... rocked off...

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Robert Wade
(317) 504-5900

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