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Music Genre(s):

Heavy Metal
Hard Rock
Thrash Metal


We are a thrash metal band formed in Zionsville, Indiana. Our Music consists of Heavy Guitar Riffs. Aggressive Vocals(not screamo). Heavy Drums and Bass. We like to play like our heroes Metallica, Pantera Etc. Our biggest Influence would have to be Pantera. Wanna Hear Us?? check us out here:


---Band Members--- ----Jeremy C. |Lead Vocals and Bass| Age: 17 Description: Jeremy is one of two members who started UnderFire. Originally Jeremy was just the singer. but due to complications of a former bass player, Jeremy had to pick up the bass and learn how to play it. Jeremy's voice is not your ordinary "Boy Band Voice" Jeremy Doesn't think that singing pleasantly is right for metal. so Jeremy spiced up the lyrics by adding a more aggressive tone to fit the instrumentals.---- ---Mike R. |Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals| age: 16 Description: Mike is one of two members who started UnderFire. Jeremy and Mike are the only band mates who have been in the band since the beginning. Mike is probably one of the best guitar players in Zionsville. Mike is able to pull off crazy guitar solos. while at the same time be able to play something soothing and melodic. Mike has a very unique playing style.--- ---Brandon |Rhythm Guitar| Age: 18 Description: Brandon is the Last member to join UnderFire. and he has proved to be in it as well. Brandon is also our tech guy. Brandon is able to keep up with Mike while adding extra variety to the song.--- ---Alex |Drums| Age:15 Description: Alex is the youngest member of UnderFire. UnderFire has always had a problem with drummers. Alex is the best drummer UnderFire has ever had. Alex is able to play a fast steady beat thats perfect for this band.---

Contact Information

Jeremy Cox
622 Lakeview Dr.
Zionsville, IN 46077

(317) 289-9495

Additional Information

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