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The band has since set out to make music that captures the human longing for something satisfying (and the frustrations with settling for things that are not). Musically, they fall somewhere between the art rock and pop rock spectrums. The punch from distorted guitars-slightly imperfect, combined with the robust rhythm section truly make homeless J. a uniquely refreshing listening experience.Their influences range from singer-songwriters (Bruce Cockburn, Leonard Cohen) to art rock legends (Jeff Buckley, the Violet Burning), from progressive hard champs (Deftones, Tool) to classic funk (Chili Peppers, George Clinton). Ultimately there is no authentic genre the band disqualifies as potential inspiration. "...homeless J. seems to paint sonic landscapes with their music... ...The music doesn't reach out to you as much as invite you (almost flirtatiously at times) to embrace it, to join in the mood, almost like a secret club." - Whatzup, January 4, 2001


homeless J. began like so many bands - among high school friends. In the summer of 1993 Chad Van Meter, Matt Minnick , and Brad Amstutz got together for the first time as an independent entity and played a song Chad had written called "What Went Wrong." Immediately something clicked. The magic had started. The band, then Homeless Jesus, played intermittently through the college years with the plan of pursuing it full-time after college. One of the original members, however, moved east for work. The band was at its first major crossroad: get real jobs or pursue the very unseen future as a band without a bass player. They decided to keep on and recorded an independent album ("An Unbridled and Furious Hope") with a hodgepodge of local musicians. The album was enough to attract Jon Hill, a local bass player who's touring band-the Channelsurfers-had recently terminated. After a few line-up changes, the band added Jon's brother Lance Hill (fellow member of the Channelsurfers) in April of 2000. By June of that year the band, now homeless J, was showcasing for a new production company in Nashville. About a year later they signed with that company (3.1 Productions). It didn't take long for 3.1 to get the band a deal with a major label. Within a year the band signed with Uninhibited/MCA Records. In August of 2002 they began recording their major label debut album. 6 months later (January, 2003) the masters were turned in. About 2 months before the album was scheduled for release, MCA shocked the music world by announcing they were closing their New York offices. The band was immediately placed in limbo. For the next few months they simply tried to figure out what would happen to their album. Jonathan First, the President of Uninhibited, was able to get the Masters. There was a ray of hope. From that point the band waited for Uninhibited, now a small, independent label, to find its bearings. Without MCA they would have to find financing for marketing and distribution. This would take time. With the album completely done and the album artwork nearly completed it was time the band didn't have. Momentum, so hard to come by, was dwindling. The band was at another major crossroad. In this heartbreaking time would they wait it out with Uninhibited or try to move on. Could they move on? The fall of 2003 was definitely survival mode having spent so long recording an album only to have it linger in limbo. The band had a hard meeting and decided again to stick it out, regardless what would happen with the album on the legal issues. The next practice turned out to be a magical one. The band wrote 6 new songs that would remain their focus through these troubling times. The music was still alive and happening. The band continued to play regionally, especially at their favorite local club for original rock music: Columbia Street West. They were and are one of the only bands to play all-original music on the weekends and still bring in a great crowd. Currently the band is working with another independent label (Selectric Records) out of Nashville, TN. They are looking to release the album in the spring of 2006. The band continues to write and work on new original music.

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Lesa Van Meter
2603 Florida Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46805


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